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Dugan & Dame Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack


Dugan and Dame Cocktail Bitters Bar Pack holds five 15 ml glass bottles — one each of our Dugan and Dame bitters. Hand-crafted with only organic and wildcrafted botanicals. The arsenal of bold flavors allows you to add variety to your concoctions and is ideal for traveling. This pack is also great for gifting and comes with a QR code that links to all of the Dugan and Dame online recipes.

  • Aromatic - Deep spice with forward cinnamon notes, rounded out by currents and a touch of clove.
  • Sassy - Sassafras root beer with licorice and wintergreen undertones
  • Morning Wood - Barrel aged coffee with subtle licorice and elderberry
  • Bitter Ghost - Ghost pepper that comes on slowly then lingers with depth of spice.
  • Lady Gray - Flavors of earl grey tea with bright bergamot.