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Bittered Sling Bitters 120ml

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Bittered Sling bitters is a retail line of high-quality, small-batch bitters and extracts that provides palate, plate and potion with a subtle-yet-exciting fusion of homegrown ingredients and flavours. This unique collection of bitters is meant to offer the user an intricate and complex range of flavors that can perfectly accent cocktails, foods, and sparkling waters. Bittered Sling  bitters are literally translated to “Cocktail Extracts” offering creative minds behind the bar and in the kitchen more than just bittering agents and simple extracted ingredients. All of the bitters are extracts, but not all of the extracts are bitter.
  • Unique flavored bitters collection that celebrates natural flavors
  • Great for cocktails or cooking
  • All flavors available in 120ml/ 4 oz botte
  • Bottles include use to use dropper
  • Contains 40% alc./vol.
Deman Extract
  • Deman is a spicy and complex extract that was inspired by Vancouver's Deman Street, it features a rich combination of several Asian & sub-Gobi cultural spices
  • Lends well to all spirits from brown to white, beer cocktails, and virgin mocktails
  • Great addition to all culinary applications where a slightly spicy twist is desired
Orange & Juniper Extract
  • Orange & Juniper is floral, bitter, sour, and bright that features the flavorful notes of a sweet orange
  • Perfect addition to white sipping spirits
  • Cakes, dessert sauces, low sugar cookies and shortbreads love this extract’s botanicals and push a delicate sweetness forward on the palate
Western Elderberry Extract
  • Western Elderberry is an extract with subtle hints of anise, licorice and herbaceous, earthy character
  • Lends well to all spirits, but particularly white ones
  • Salad dressings, vinaigrettes, poultry glazes, and sauces with dried fruit are recommended for this unique extract
Lem-Marrakech Extract
  • Lem-Marrakech is an extract that depicts the spice and complexity of Morocco
  • Brightens and enhances sours, tea-based cocktails and sparkling beverages
  • Poultry and white meat seasoning, seafood cures and vinaigrettes, shellfish lover, amazing with coconut and tropical fruits. Savoury cakes and sauces.
Plum & Rootbeer Extract
  • Plum & Rootbeer is an extract that celebrates the kid-like memories of the rootbeer float
  • Works well with heavy and robust cocktails and sodas, as well as light and fragrant
  • Chocolate is a perfect match but this extract pushes dynamic flavour into ice creams, house made yoghurts, petit fours and candies
Clingstone Peach Extract
  • Clingstone Peach is an extract that will have your mouth singing with it's sweet peach flavor and uplifting spicy back-notes
  • Great for jazzing up everything from virgin drinks, to Tiki style cocktails, lemonade or a whiskey sour
  • Fruit curd, poultry sauces and dressings, stuffings, fish cures, ceviche, compound butter for fruit scones and muffins
Grapefruit & Hops Extract
  • Grapefruit & Hops has bitter and herbaceous Grapefruit flavor, with notes of spring and forest
  • This extract LOVES white spirits! Try it in an Aviation, a Negroni, a Caprihinia, a Margarita, or just sparkling water
  • Brilliant with fish and shellfish, replacing the final squeeze of citrus to deglaze or season
Moondog Extract
  • Moondog is an aromatic extract that is smoky, earthy, rich and complex and works best as a bridge between ingredients
  • Great in classics like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Boulevardier
  • Use Moondog as a smokey finishing touch to a sauce, a chocolate cake or a vegetable soup! Great in meringue or ginger snap cookies
Cascade Celery Extract
  • This complex, herbaceous concoction captures the essence of one of nature’s most beautiful ingredients, wild celery, and blends it seamlessly with the spirit of the majestic cascades of the Rocky Mountains
  • Offering up a versatile tonality in a unique extract that runs the gamut from sweet to savoury
  • The extracts has fallen madly in love with vermouth and other wine bases spirits
Shanghai Rhubarb Extract
  • Offers a palatable pairing of exotic
  • Far East spice and the brilliant perfume of freshly harvested rhubarb from the lush, Fraser Valley region of British Columbia
  • This unique combination of herbs and spices work with heavy and robust cocktails and sodas, as well as light and fragrant

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