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Shark Fin Ice Mold Trays - 2 Pack


Pack of 2 Shark Fin Ice Mold Trays. Perfect for the shark lovers! These ice mold trays are designed to form perfect Shark Fins. Silicone ice trays, such as these, have become quite a trend in modern mixology. Showcasing unique and themed elements into your cocktail presentations is certainly a desirable feature among many mixologists. Each tray has 8 slots to mold your perfect ice cubes. Your guests are sure to love the extra touch! Made from 100% pure silicone; FDA-approved, non-stick and heat-resistant (to 500-degrees Fahrenheit). These trays are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Shark Fin Ice Molds - 2 Pack
  • Each tray makes 8 Shark Fin cubes with water, juice or your favorite beverage
  • Measures: 7 1/2" L x 4" W
  • Non-Stick and Heat-Resistant