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Cocktail Strainer - 4 Prong NEON - Color Options

You won't lose sight of these bright Neon 4 Prong Cocktail Strainers that glow brightly under a blacklight! Durable and easy to use, these strainers come in 4 vivid colors: neon yellow, neon green, neon orange and neon pink. We also have matching cocktail shakers and bottle openers.

Cocktail strainers are necessary bartending tools, most often used with large to medium single-piece shaker tins (28oz, 18oz and 16oz) or a mixing glass (we have matching sets!) to keep ice strained and provide an even flow of chilled liquid into glasses. Made with stainless steel, they have a bright, durable, neon-colored powder coating finish and are suitable for bartenders at all levels.