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Olea™ Shell Julep Cocktail Strainer - Gunmetal Plated


"Absolutely stunning" are the perfect words to describe this gorgeous Gunmetal Plated Shell Julep Strainer. One of the first editions to our line of Olea™ Elegant Bar Tools, this cocktail strainer is every master mixologists and professional bartenders dream bar tool. This high quality piece is constructed from a durable stainless steel material and then beautifully plated with a reflective Gunmetal finish.

This julep cocktail strainer measures 7" from the handle tip, fanning out into a riveted shell straining head. It features a smooth notch where the head meets the handle, making for a stable environment when it use. The notch will aide you in holding the strainer in place, while the hole at the tip of the handle offers a great way to hang and store your strainer when not in use. Not Dishwasher Safe.

Beyond comparable to other high end name brand bar tools, our Olea™ Elegant Bar Tool line will bring you the same quality and utility, but at a fraction on the cost.

  • Gorgeous reflective gunmetal plating
  • Extremely high quality construction
  • Ideal for Craft bartenders and Master Mixologist's
  • Features riveted shell design
  • Measures 7 inches
  • Mixing glass placement notch
  • High-end Olea™ Elegant Bar Tool at unbeatable price
  • All plated items are not dishwasher safe

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