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About Shotz

Are you looking for a way to sell more shooters and shots in your bar or nightclub?

SHOTZ® Brand Shot and Shooter Cups features a unique line of disposable drinkware that your waitress and shooter girls will love to sell; plus, they will keep your customers coming back for more! BarProducts manufactures all of the SHOTZ® products which allows us to bring them to you at the lowest prices around! Bar owners and managers love the affordable prices of the cups that allow them to still make a huge profit on the liquor they sell. Your staff will also appreciate the simple and easy cleanup and not having to worry about broken or chipped glass. And customers love cool bar accessories!


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Bullet Shot Cups are designed to look like actual bullets! These little cups have many features that your customers and waitress will love. They have convenient flat bottoms, so they can stand by themselves or be carried on a tray. You get caps included with your shot cups, so they are easy to pre-fill and are ready to serve! We offer many party pack options, so whether you want to serve them at home or at a busy night club, you can get everything you need.

We have even made it super easy to carry these shots with serving trays and bandoliers designed specially to hold the shot cups.



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How about a “Shot on the Side”? SHOTZ® Clips are our NEW SHOTZ® PRODUCT, perfect for running promotions and specials in bars, restaurants and other venues that serve alcohol! A great way to UPSELL your drink orders! SHOTZ® Clips allow you to “hang” 1 ounce of liquor “on the side” of practically any rimmed vessel. There are so many fun ways you can run a special using these clips! They have been specially designed to work along with our popular Bullet SHOTZ® Cups with Lid. Instead of a floater in your Pina Colada, give your customers the option to a side shot of rum for a small (but profitable) upcharge. Got a group of thirsty patrons? Run a pitcher of beer special and hang however many of these SHOTZ® on the side for an upcharge. They even fit perfectly on the rim of a beer bottle, beer mug and literally any other type of glass you can think of! All of our Bullet SHOTZ® cups come with lids, so spilling during transportation to the customer will never be an issue. SHOTZ® Clips are fun, allowing you to get creative with the types of specials you can offer… not to mention, your customers will love the idea.

 shotz clips



 Test Tube SHOTZ® are a fun way to serve shooters. They are made of Polystyrene and the inside is faceted to give the neon translucency a crystal appearance. You will surely see a return on your investments when you serve your customers tube shots.

Buy a Tube SHOTZ® Party Pack to save even more money!



Do your customers love bomb shots like jager bombs? Then forget about the old fashioned way of dropping shot glasses into pint glasses that can easily break. This little cup keeps your liquor and energy drink separate until you are ready to enjoy the shot. Bartenders and customers alike love these Bomb SHOTZ®!

This is how the patented shot cups work:





Chaser SHOTZ® are shot cups that have a chaser in them! Just pour the chaser you want in the bottom of the cup, and gently layer the liquor on the top.



Are you a server, unorganized and chaotic with loose money in your apron on a busy Friday night? If so, you must check out our Cash Tenders™! They are like little portable cash registers that clip right onto your tray and conveniently organize your bank. Sort your bills and change for quicker and more accurate service to your tables. Choose from several colors. These cash tenders fit perfectly with our neon or electric flash trays!

cash tender


cash tenders




Bar and club owners can save even more on our SHOTZ® AND get FREE SHIPPING at, offering direct from the factory prices with free freight shipping with qualifying purchases. You can supply your entire establishment with hundreds of bartending and hospitality supplies, including BarConic® shots and shooters, Fun Drinkware, Bar Tools, Serving Supplies, Cleaning Accessories and more!



CUSTOMIZE YOUR SHOTZ® AT LOGOBARPRODUCTS.COM allows you to personalize out Bullet, Tube, and Bomb SHOTZ®! With our easy-to-use online designer, you can upload art and photos, choose from our extensive clip art library, and write and edit text with your choice of fonts. This is a great way to promote your establishment with one-of-a-kind shooters!