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SHOTZ® Clips - Neon Green

How about a “Shot on the Side”? SHOTZ® Clips are our NEW SHOTZ® PRODUCT, perfect for running promotions and specials in bars, restaurants and other venues that serve alcohol! A great way to UPSELL your drink orders!

SHOTZ® Clips allow you to “hang” 1 ounce of liquor “on the side” of practically any rimmed vessel. There are so many fun ways you can run a special using these clips! They have been specially designed to work along with our popular Bullet SHOTZ® Cups with Lid. Instead of a floater in your Pina Colada, give your customers the option to a side shot of rum for a small (but profitable) upcharge. Got a group of thirsty patrons? Run a pitcher of beer special and hang however many of these SHOTZ® on the side for an upcharge. They even fit perfectly on the rim of a beer bottle, beer mug and literally any other type of glass you can think of! All of our Bullet SHOTZ® cups come with lids, so spilling during transportation to the customer will never be an issue. SHOTZ® Clips are fun, allowing you to get creative with the types of specials you can offer… not to mention, your customers will love the idea.

You can purchase these "reusable" SHOTZ® Clips in intervals of 100 (1 bag) or 1000 (10 bags) and also as sets with the matching SHOTZ® Cups (lid colors will vary). We also offer our custom designed "SHOTZ® Clips Table Tents." A great way to promote your beverage upsells! You have the ability to write in your very own specials on these disposable table tents. They are sold in packages of 10 with a price break at 5 packages (50 tents).

SHOTZ® Clips
  • Sold by the bag of 100 or 10 bags of 100
  • Glows under black light for great nightclub effect
  • Disposable or reusable
  • Works in conjunction with our SHOTZ® Cups
  • Latches on to practically any type of drinking vessel rim
  • SHOTZ® Bullet Shot Cups hold 1 oz
  • SHOTZ® Dimensions: 2.5" Tall 1.25" Diameter
  • Great way to increase shot sales
  • Come with lids for easy transport
  • SHOTZ® cups have flat bottoms that allows them to stand up freely

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