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Standard Stainless Steel Bar Spoons

Stainless steel bar spoons are one of the most essential tools in any bartender’s collection, adding a classic and professional element to any cocktail. Made from high quality stainless steel, our bar spoons guarantee lasting durability and longevity. A high quality stainless steel bar spoon is a necessity for any bartender, both novice and professional alike. These classic cocktail tools offer a range of different uses that are vital to the cocktail mixing process. Many styles of our stainless steel bar spoons feature more than one purpose, making them an immediate asset behind the bar. With our bar spoon strainer combo you can mix with one end, and then strain the cocktail with the other. Or some of our bar spoons have ends that make them perfect for light muddling, allowing you to mix and muddle a mojito all with one bar tool. Try one of our stainless steel bar spoons with a forked end, allowing you to mix with one end, and then grab garnishes with the other. Our stainless steel bar spoons are designed to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness behind the bar. Check out our products below and find the style that’s just right for you.

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