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BarConic® Bar Spoon with Round Rod - Stainless Steel


A high quality bar spoon is a must have for both professional and novice bartenders alike due to its adaptability and versatility. The stylish and attractive design of these bar spoons coupled with their high performance makes them a great addition to any collection of bar tools.

The BarConic® Round Rod Bar Spoon is a great bar tool for busy bartenders to stir their craft cocktails with elegance and speed. Not all drinks need to be shaken and it's important to know when to stir a cocktail. For those times you need to stir a cocktail instead of shaking not just any spoon will do for the job. This bar spoon in particular is made of strong stainless steel with a twisted stem for better grip and a smoother stir behind the bar. This spoon provides additional functionality featuring a round top at the end. This spoon measures 11.25" in length. 


  • Long twisted stem for smooth stir and efficient grip
  • Materials: Made of strong stainless steel
  • Measurement: 11.25" Length