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Wooden Drip Tray - Snowflake Design


The BarProducts Handcrafted Wooden Drip Tray is as practical as they are stylish.  We have taken an age-old pub staple and given it a contemporary twist.  Now you have a wonderful way to make your bar stand out.

This Wooden Drip Tray is made from heavy duty Birch Wood. We make them to be water resistant and strong.  As a result, they are up to the job of avoiding spills and protecting your bar.  This Drip Tray is a step up from rubber or metal trays.  They deliver a charm and add personality to your bar area.  Additionally, they can enhance the presentation of your drinks at point of purchase as well as helping you to keep your venue tidy.


  • Measures: 4"x 20"x 3/4"
  • Durable Birch Wood
  • 4 Rubber Feet
  • Excellent gift idea
  • Handcrafted in the USA