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Wooden Bar Caddy - Tropical Floral


This beautifully rustic wooden Bar Caddy is an exceptional addition to any type of bar setting, especially a tropical one! The quality craftsmanship (handmade in the USA) is beyond compare. Designed with 3 compartments perfect for storing your bev naps, straws and stirrers. Durably built with a quality imprint dyed right into the wood maintains a desirable (and trendy) rustic wooden appeal. Interior is finished with a black stain.

This Tropical Floral pattern design is perfect for outdoor bar entertaining and tropical settings.

  • Measures 4.5" height x 9" length x 6.5" depth
  • Quality handcrafted in the USA
  • 3 compartments designed to accommodate napkins, straws and stirrers
  • Beautiful imprint quality with rustic wooden finish