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Wood Mug Rack

Are you sick of wasting precious bar space with glasses that can't be stacked? Then you will love the Wood Mug Rack! This rack is the perfect way to stacked handled mugs and still leave you with plenty of space for other things. It is available in a natural or black finish, and constructed with sturdy wood. You can even put the mug rack right by your beer taps and save your bartenders tons of time.
  • Wood Mug Rack- holds handled glasses
  • Saves tons of bar space
  • Great for keeping beside beer taps to save time
  • Sturdily Constructed Rack
  • Great for storing BarConic® 11 ounce Beer Mug, BarConic® 15 ounce Beer Mug, & BarConic® 16 ounce Mason Jar Mug
Additional Info
  • Available in Natural or Black Finish
  • LxWxH : 8.5”x8.5”x16.75”
  • Does not hold BarConic® 12oz Mason Jar Mugs
  • Assembly required