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Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser - 4 Bottle


Final Touch Wall Mounted 4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser. The slim aluminum profile allows this dispenser to be installed almost anywhere, freeing up your shelf space. The spring holders with rubber tops ensure a snug hold on any bottle 13” (33cm) tall or less. Each dispenser is leak proof and measures out 1.5 oz shots every time. Simply load the bottles and place glass directly under the dispenser, then simply push up on the trigger and let gravity do the work! Easy to install and use. Measures 14” W x 14” H x 4 ½” D.

  • Final Touch Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser
  • Holds 4 Bottles 13" tall or less (33cm)
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • Spring loaded and Leak Proof Dispenser
  • Measures 14” W x 14” H x 4 ½” D