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Vodka Vault Infusion Gift Set Pack


This is the ultimate gift for those you like to try different flavored drinks. You want to be your own bartender and create a deliciously flavored cocktail? This infusion set is for you.  This packaged deal comes with the Vodka Vault product that expedites the infusion process down from days to a few hours. It can also filter your drink removing impurities and thus resulting in a crisper cleaner taste. Pour your customized flavored drink into one of the four branded shot glasses and see which flavor combination you like the best.

Invite your friends over and have them experience the Vodka Vault Infusion process.  Filter the vodka in the bottle while adding a spice flavor combination in the infusion chamber and within a few hours you will have a new customized flavored drink.

Enjoy smoother sips of your favorite spirit without paying a premium price. Remove impurities from any budget-friendly bottle in just one hour. Drink it straight or add fruit for a unique infused flavor.

Continuous Filtration: Vodka Vault is a single unit that contains a battery, motor, filter, and infusion chamber. You simply place the Vodka Vault into a bottle of Vodka and turn it on. Vodka Vault has a tapered top allowing it to fit all bottles with neck sizes between 19-23mm wide and 10” tall

Up to 2 weeks lead time

  • Rechargeable infuser wand
  • Activated coconut carbon filter
  • USB charger
  • Fits all bottles with neck sizes between 19-23mm wide and 10” tall
  • 4 flavor vials (Jalapeno, Lemon, Ginger, Peach)
  • 4 branded shot glasses 1.5oz (50ml) - Dishwasher safe
  • 5 replacement filters