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V-Rod® Bottle Opener / Pour Spout Remover - Made in the 80's

Were YOU made in the 1980s? Be proud! This bottle opener will have you reminiscing about all of the awesomeness that was the 80’s. You know this rad opener is fresh to death, yo. Makes a great gift for that bartender who is unashamed to grow up rolling their jeans and spiking their hair!

Our new Kolorcoat™ method imprints the front and back sides and around the edges of this stainless steel beer opener with lasting, photo-resolution graphics and photographs.

The V-Rod™ bottle opener is a new and improved version of your trusty speed opener (AKA mamba). The difference being the V-Rod™ is specialty designed to pop out those hard-to-remove pourer spouts from liquor bottles. Brilliant!