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V-Rod® Bottle Opener / Pour Spout Remover - Electric Snowflakes

Whether its the season to be jolly or simply a chilly evening on the strip, this Electric Snowflake design will warm you up with its vibrant use of color. A quality imprint on our popular V-Rod® Bottle opener will aid you in opening those beer bottle caps and liquor pourer spouts in style.

Product Features
  • Printed in full color on both sides using our vibrant Kolorcoat™ process
  • Groove on the ring allows you to easily remove pour spouts from stubborn liquor bottles
  • Material: Durable Stainless Steel
  • Length: 7.3 inches, Width: 1.8 inches

The new Kolorcoat™ processing covers all sides and corners of this steel beer bottle opener with rich, photo-resolution graphics and photographs.

Our V-Rod™ bottle opener is a new and improved version of the ever popular speed opener (AKA popper). The unique feature is that the V-Rod™ has a special end to pop out those hard-to-remove pourer spouts from liquor bottles. Quite handy!

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