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Trudeau™ 3-in-1 Step Measuring Jigger

This elegant Trudeau™ 3-in-1 step measuring jigger is an all-purpose jigger, featuring an enduring and alluring stainless steel body with a soft-touch grip and non-slip base. It’s marked with easy-to-read measurement lines in fluid ounces and centiliters to ensure you're adding exactly the right amount of spirits or mixer, presented with a graduated, three tier shape.
  • Stainless steel body with non-slip base
  • Non-slip, soft touch grip base
  • Measurement lines in Fluid ounce and Centiliter
  • 3 step measurement: 0.5 OZ (1.5 CL), 1 OZ. (3 CL), and 2 OZ. (6 CL).
  • Dimension: 1 15/16" (Top diameter), 1 5/8" (Base diameter), 1 3/4" (Height)
  • Hand wash only