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Tom Dyer TD105-30 Liquor Pourer

SKU TD105-30

Tom Dyer is a well-known name in the bartending and flair community. It was his desire to create the next professional speed pourer that was versatile enough to accommodate any type of bartender. Whether you are a bartender slinging drinks in the hottest nightclub on the strip or you are flair bartender showcasing your entertaining tricks, the TD105-30 Speed Liquor Pourer is a great choice to top off your liquor bottles.

This chrome free flow pourer is designed to maintain a consistent and reliable pour speed, desired by many professional bartenders. The rubber cork offers a greater flex element that is intended to fit a wider variety of bottles. Very similar design to the popular Spill Stop® 285-50 and BarConic® 304SS, this liquor pourer is endorsed by the legendary Tom Dyer himself.

  • Showcases a consistent, medium flow speed
  • Non-drip design
  • Will fit a wide variety of bottles
  • Special rubber cork won't split on the fins, is strong but also flexible
  • Dimensions: 160mm length
  • Material: chrome plated brass

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