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The PourCheck™ Package - Training, Testing and Playing


Training yourself to pour accurate and consistent amounts into your cocktail is vital as a professional bartender. Free-pouring is a time efficient way to pour cocktails, however, the heavy handed bartender can ruin it for everyone. Many establishments use inventory control products such as jiggers and measured pourers, but the more professional bartender depends solely on their ability to pour accurately every time. The most important aspect of learning to accomplish this is to get your pour count and count speed down perfectly.

This PourCheck™ Package has been specially designed to teach you just that! By utilizing this training tool you are preparing yourself to become a professional bartender in many aspects. The basic package includes all of the vital tools needed in order to begin your training process, but also offers you some other great add-ons if you wish to take it up a notch.

Helpful Guides and FREE Downloads for TRAINING:
Download PDF Training Sheet - Download PDF Instructions TESTING & PLAYING AS A GAME
Getting your bartenders pour consistency accurate is vital in your operations, especially if you are someone who chooses to allow free pouring in your establishment. The PourCheck™ can also be utilized as a great hiring tool. It is your choice whether you would like to test your bartenders individually, as a group, or even in a fun gaming atmosphere. Many bar owners and managers like to put some stakes on the table such as "whoever wins the weekly PourCheck™ challenge gets the best bar shifts the following week." Your bartenders will love the competitive atmosphere, while at the same time training themselves to be more accurate with their liquor pours. Please be sure to check out our PourCheck™ Testing Video, as well as our PourCheck™challenge video for more information.

Helpful Guides and FREE Downloads for TESTING / PLAYING:
Download PDF BLANK Score Cards - Download PDF OUNCE Score Cards - Download PDF MILLILITER Score Cards - Download PDF Instructions
Package Components:
  • 6 x PourChecks™
  • 6 x PourCheck™ 32 ounce Black Stadium Cups
  • 2 x 304SS Liquor Pourer
  • Test Sheet and Instructions
  • Additional PourCheck™ Components offered separately