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The King V-Rod® Bottle Opener

Elements of American traditional tattoo designs are unified in this painting. The skull being crowned king as a symbol of respect for where the American tattoo culture began.
About the Artist
    • William began his journey into the Realm of Art in his early youth. His father being an extremely talented artist put down his pencils and paint for a career as a machinist. Inspired by his fathers art, it sparked a desire in his heart to pick up where his father left off. A few years later his neighbor introduced him to comic books. William became so intrigued by the art that he immersed himself in it. With his interests being mostly aimed at the art of Simon Bisley and Bernie Wrightson he felt the desire to expand his knowledge. Wanting to learn certain aspects of style from each artist and to incorporate them into a style of his own, he began drawing his own characters and illustrations using those influences. Fascinated with Human Canvas, at the age of 21, William was drawn into the Art of Tattooing. The need to be unique quickly gained him a large clientele. With the call and respect for individuality he works like a machine, pumping out one custom design after another. In 2001 William opened up Evolution Tattoo Studio in Mantua, New Jersey. Today this is where clients come, from far and wide, to adorn themselves in the art of a William Webb original.

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