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Straw Dispenser - Acrylic - 10 inch


Perfect for holding unwrapped straws, the Acrylic Straw Dispenser is an indispensable tool in any food service establishment. Designed to dispense one straw at a time, this dispenser keeps straws neat, tidy, and protected from airborne contaminants. Roll the rolling pin using the ball like handles on each side of it to distribute the straws. Restocking is just as easy as you slide the top lid out and disperse your inventory with in. Has capacity to hold 250 straws. Offering convenience and durability, this straw dispenser is easy to refill and wipe clean and is made from clear acrylic and BPA free that withstands heavy duty use.

  • Clear Acrylic Straw Dispenser
  • Measures 10 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 6 1/2"
  • Capacity hold 250 Straws
  • Convenient and Easy to Use