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StrainBlade® Opener - Realistic Tree Camo


Are you a lover of the outdoors and hunting for your sweet doe or a burly buck? You're going to need the proper camouflage, so equip yourself with the Realistic Tree Camo StrainBlade® (Patent Pending) Opener. This StrainBlade® is outfitted with realistic fall leaves and branches, on a neutral background. The Realistic Tree Camo StrainBlade® has a rugged outdoor look, and fits in both the bar and the woods!

StrainBlade® Summary:
  • The StrainBlade® takes the Speed Opener to the next level
  • StrainBlade® is a 3-in-1 Opener
  • Added convenience of a built-in strainer and can opener
  • Bottle Opener for quick opening of beer bottles
    • Easily pops the tops off bottles
    • Works the same as the Classic Speed Opener
  • Strainer located at the center of the StrainBlade®
    • Two crescent openings allow you to strain out cocktails
    • Quickly strain cocktails without using the top of the shaker
  • Can Opener located at the tip of the StrainBlade®
    • Quickly and easily pops open Can Tabs
    • Stop hurting your finger tips from repeatedly opening cans
  • Dimensions: 7"L x 1.625"W x 0.0625"H
Kolorcoat™ Process:
  • Decorates both sides and edges of the StrainBlade® with full color artwork
  • Able to print vivid, high resolution designs
  • Allows for strong, long lasting printing