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StrainBlade® Opener - I'd Hit That... Retro Game


Get 1-Up on all other bartenders with the "I'd Hit That..." Retro Game StrainBlade® (patent pending) Opener! This bottle opener with built in cocktail strainer will have you reminiscing of hitting all of those mystery boxes. Will you get coins or magic mushrooms? Good luck.

StrainBlade® Summary:
  • Retro Video Game inspired bottle opener
  • StrainBlade® is a 3-in-1 Bottle Opener
  • Easily strain cocktails with the built-in strainer in the middle of the opener
  • Vibrant design printed using our famous Kolorcoat™ process
  • Solid Stainless Steel bottle opener
  • Has groove in front that allows you to pop open can tabs without hurting your finger nails
  • Dimensions: 7"L x 1.625"W x 0.0625"H
Kolorcoat™ Process:
  • Decorates both sides and edges of the StrainBlade® with full color artwork
  • Able to print vivid, high resolution designs
  • Creates bright long lasting impressions

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