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Sterno® Wick - Chafing Fuel - 6 Hour

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This Chafing Fuel - Sterno® Wick designed to delivery maximum high heat with visible flame and clean burning. No odors, No negative impact on food. Ideal for large beverage urns and soup tureens.
Summary of Highlights and Features
  • Ideal for Large Beverage Urns, Soup Tureens.
  • Burn Time: 6 hours
  • Maximum Temperature: 175°F
  • Can stays cool for safe handling.
  • Spill-proof can
  • No odor or Smoke
  • Use CAUTION when handling OPEN FLAME products
  • Use a blunt object such as a spoon to pry off the lid
  • Cup hand over lid when opening can
  • Remove excess gel from lid if it is being used as a regulator
  • Wash fuel residue from hands
  • Place the can underneath the chafing dish or beverage urn before lighting
  • Make sure cans are placed securely in equipment
  • Use a long handled match or butane lighter to light cans
  • Use a snuffer paddle, regulator or saucer to extinguish flame
  • Wait until can is cool before touching
  • Use a sharp knife to pry off lid
  • Use a lit can to light another can
  • Carry lit cans
  • Carry chafing dishes or beverage urns with lit cans
  • Touch cans while still hot
  • Allow loose clothing, napkins or tablecloths near flame
  • Allow hair to fall near flame
  • Use hands to extinguish flame
  • Blow out flame to extinguish