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Stainless Steel Funnels with Handles - Set of 3


Funnels are a necessary "behind the bar" item for those professional craft bartenders that like to mix up their own flavorful ingredients. These handheld, stainless steel mini versions are perfect for filling up your smaller craft bottles, generally used for signature bitters and other dashes of flavor. No spills, no messes and they store great as they fit snuggly inside one another along with a cutout nook in the handle for hanging! This set of 3 (multi-sized) stainless steel funnels are certainly a great option for those who take their cocktology to the next level.

  • Large Funnel Measures: 6.75"L x 3" rim diameter
  • Medium Funnel Measures: 6"L x 2.25" rim diameter
  • Small Funnel Measures: 5.5"L x 1.75" rim diameter
  • Quality stainless steel material won't rust
  • 3 pieces fit inside one another for ideal storage
  • Perfect for craft bartenders