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Square Glass Bottle w/ Swing Top - Available in 1 Liter or 17 ounce


This clear glass bottle with swing top lid can offer a fantastic utility in many different service scenarios. To start, the most dominate feature of this bottle is its tightly suctioned lid mechanism. If you are someone who cares about maintaining ultimate freshness, then you are sure to appreciate this. With a flip of the bar, the cork like rubber insert will close off the opening of this bottle so that nothing is getting through.

Throughout the hospitality industry, we have seen this type of bottle being used in many different manners. Bartenders love creating their specialty mixers and juices in these bottles as they store very well while maintaining freshness. Your customers will surely notice this extra attention to detail as you pour their cocktails. Another great use is for table service. Consider leaving a bottle of this filled with water on your guests table so they can freshly fill their water glasses as needed. It is certainly classier than the typical water pitcher.

Available in 2 sizes, these square glass bottles are constructed of a thick high quality material and will withstand typical service abuse.

  • Measures (1 Liter): 12.5" tall x 3" x 3" base diameter
  • Measures (17 Ounce): 10.5" tall x 2.25" x 2.25" base diameter
  • Constructed from a thick, high quality glass material
  • Ideal for many types of service including water, juice and mixers
  • Swing top lid ensures freshness during storage