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Spherical Earth Cocktail Glass - 300ml


The Spherical Earth Cocktail Glass is the perfect vessel for any mixologist looking to really impress patrons with something unique and exciting. Whether incorporating smoke to infuse a drink, packing it full to display a lush presentation, or carefully adding garnish touches to portray a delicate application, these glasses really do make a finished cocktail with that WOW factor! The Spherical Earth Cocktail Glass is a Jakobsen design project, someone known for creating the most cutting-edge glassware and master mixology vessels.

The Earth Glass comes with a glass straw and is enclosed with a snug fitted silicone stopper. The glass rests on a flat base shaped into the glassware. The glass and stopper both have Jacobsen trademarks.

  • Spherical in design
  • Lightweight elegant glass
  • Includes glass straw
  • Sealed via a snug fitted silicone stopper
  • Perfect for master mixologists looking to WOW patrons

Eddie Campbell presents Halm from Jakobsen Design™ on Vimeo.