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Soleil Glass Edition - Connoisseur's Gift Set


Original Rocks paired with a Soleil Eco Crystal whiskey glass. The round solid granite whiskey stones cool your drink without the dilution found from traditional melting ice cubes which will alter the true taste of spirits. Each whiskey stone has a different color and granite-style making each set unique and stand out beautifully. Elevate the subtle, balanced flavors of your whiskey as our heavy tumbler sits comfortably in your hands. Bringing style and sophistication to your intimate whiskey tasting nights. The Soleil glass allows for a pleasant swirling experience.

Note: Lead time of 1-2 weeks for fulfillment once orders are placed.

  • Soleil Glass Edition
  • Soleil Eco Crystal whiskey glass - 10.7 oz.
  • Set of 6 Whiskey Stones
  • Each stone measures 1.37" x 0.78"
  • Great Gift Idea