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Smoked Cocktail Kit w/Flavored Wood Planks and Torch

Looking to impress your guests with the latest trends in cocktails? This variety pack of different flavored wood smoking planks will do just that. This trendy bartending set includes 4 flavored wood planks: Cedar, Cherry, Hickory and Oak as well as a smoking torch to create those amazing aromatic smokey flavors that perfectly compliment your favorite spirits. Smoked bourbons, Old Fashioned's and other distilled cocktail recipes are in high demand. How To: Use the torch to burn the flavored plank of your choice and then put out the flame with the glass you plan on serving your cocktail in. The wonderful smell of the burnt wood will fill and flavor the glass. Note-Please proceed with caution when burning wood in-doors. Do not light around flammable materials that may easily catch fire. KIT INCLUDES: (4) Flavored Wood Planks (Variety Pack: Cedar, Cherry, Hickory and Oak) (1) Culinary Torch Note: Butane Not Included.