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Small Batch Cocktail Garnish Co.'s Case of Dehydrated Slices - Flavor Options


These fruits are thinly sliced at their height of ripeness, then dehydrated. Dehydration preserves the fruit until the time that it gets re-hydrated. So these oranges, lemons, or limes can last forever if kept dry. A great solution to eliminate waste. These dehydrated fruits are a great garnish because they carry their flavor, and also add beauty to your glass. Perfect for other beverages such as tea as well.

Lime Garnishes are great for rum cocktails, vodka cocktails, and many of the classic cocktail recipes. Each bag comes with over 50 dehydrated lime slices to garnish your cocktails. They are dehydrated all natural for more than half a day. Lime sizes differ as we use nearly the whole lime, but will not include pieces too small to be of use to your cocktails. We field the largest limes we can find at the time to give each bag a healthy mix of smaller and larger slices.

Lemons are all natural with no additives. Stock your shelves with each bag contributing 30+ slices for all of your cocktail recipe needs. Cocktail Garnishes are a key component to completing your drink recipes and an important bar accessory for any bartender to utilize in their bar tool arsenal.

Our oranges have been dehydrated and last a year kept sealed. We use California Navel Oranges as they provide for the most consistent, seedless, and symmetrical slices available.

The variety case you receive a whole 3 ounces in each garnish bag. Get Lemon Garnish, Orange Garnish, and Lime Garnish all in one click. Don't understand how much value you're getting in weight? That's about 30+ Oranges, 40+ Limes, and 40+ Lemons. Let's stock your cocktail bar with necessities and accessories.

Note: These items are perishable so they are unavailable to ship outside of the continental US states.


  • Dehydrated Garnish Slices by the Case
  • Choose your flavor Lime, Lemon, Orange
  • Each case includes 6 bags per case
  • The variety case has 2 of each bag: 2x bags of oranges, 2x of lemons, and 2x of limes