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Shot Glance - Inventory Control System

The Shot Glance Inventory Control System utilizes a set of durable plastic gauges that one can use to accurately determine one's liquor inventory. Gone are the days of guessing weather it's a "Point 5", "Point 6" or "Point 7" bottle. Now the user can easily determine the exact number of ounces or tenths (ounces on one side and tenths on the other) a bottle contains.

After a little practice, 60 plus bottles can be inventoried in 10 minutes. Consistent monitoring can help to identify and eliminate inventory control problems. Find those bartenders who are costing you money!

The Shot Glance Inventory Control System includes a set of gauges (24) to fit 99% of all one liter and 750 ML bottles (including wine bottles)

Instructions include a chart that identifies which gauge goes to which bottle. Unlike other inventory control methods that are many times inaccurate and require upkeep costs, the Shot Glance Inventory Control System is virtually indestructible and does not require any additional investments. A one time cost that can save you thousands.