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San Jamar® Kleen-Pails® Sanitation / Cleaning Buckets

San Jamar® Kleen-Pails® Buckets for Sanitizers and Cleaning Solutions meet all HACCP guidelines. They are color coded and are meant for dedicated use with certain chemicals. The colors help staff quickly determine the contents of the bucket and can be used for front of the house or back of the house cleaning.
  • Red Buckets hold Sanitizer
  • Green Buckets hold cleaning solution
  • Color-coding helps minimize confusion between sanitizer and cleaning solutions
  • Meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use
  • Can be used for front or back of the house
  • Easy carry handle
  • Trilingual "Sanitizer" and "Cleaner" printing and imprints (English/Spanish on front panel and English/French on back panel)
  • Buckets made of plastic
  • Green: 6 quart
  • Red: 3 quart