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QAC Test Strips- Sanitizer and PH Test Strips Ammonia

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Keeping a clean and sanitary kitchen and bar area is an important part of running a food business. To destroy microorganisms that are left behind after cleaning with soap, a sanitizer or disinfectant must be used. If you are using a quaternary ammonia compounds (quat) then these strips test the PH level in the water and ensure that sanitizers are at the appropriate concentration for sanitizing equipment.

This product is intended to be used with our Sanitizer Tablets

  • Test Strips for quaternary ammonia compounds (quat)
  • Tests PH levels in water
  • If QAC concentration that is too low it may not thoroughly sanitize surfaces or equipment
  • Using a concentration that is higher than recommended for food contact items without a formal rinse may leave a toxic residue on these surfaces
  • Consult your local health department to ensure you are meeting the appropriate standard
Additional Info
  • 100 test strips
  • Color compare chart
  • Place test strips in solution until saturated
  • After 60-90 seconds, compare to the color cart on the label