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Precision Pours - 3 Ball Metric Pourers


Have you got balls? These 3 ball Metric Measured Liquor Pourers are considered by some to be the best available. The main difference ... The extra ball in the air chamber helps to eliminate the extra few drops that may flow thru in other 2 ball measured pourers. Both styles that we offer are extremely accurate.

High quality, accurate, measured pourers. Colored nozzle with black collar. 4 sizes in stock. Other sizes available upon request. Investing in measured pourers is a major decision when you consider the cost over plastic pourers. This investment however, can pay for itself very quickly. Whether you need one or a gross, you can count on us for a good price.

Comparable to Precision Pour, Posi-Pour, CO-Rect, American Metalcraft and other leading brands

Click here to get some instructions on these measured pourers