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Pour Spout Brush Kit- 5 Brush Set

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Extend the life of your juice and liquor pourers with this handy little cleaning brush set! The 5 different sized brushes allow you to clean all the junk and buildup from the small holes in these pourers that normal cleaning tools can't reach. This set comes with many different sizes so it can work for almost any pourer you need to clean! Instead of throwing them out, just soak and clean them with these brushes!

  • Comes with 5 sizes of brushes
  • Makes cleaning juice pour spouts and liquor pourers a breeze
  • Multiple sizes for almost any cleaning job
  • Heavy metal handles
  • Extends the life of your pourers
  • The big brushes are also great for cleaning taps
Additional Info
  • Big Juice Pourer Brushes (2 size cleaning heads): 6" tall
  • Small Juice Pourer brush: 3.9" tall
  • Big Liquor Pourer Brush: 4" tall
  • Small Liquor Pourer brush: 4" tall

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