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Portable Craft Food and Cocktail Infusion Smoker


With this Portable Infusion Smoker you are minutes away from eating delicious smoked food just grab it, light the wood chips, teas and spices, even hay, dried flowers and herbs to infuse a variety of natural smoky flavors to an array of food and drinks, cheese and cocktails This ingenious mini smoker is an alternative to traditional smoking methods. When you use our flavor filled wood chips, you get unique distinct flavors that are subtly released. With this cool smoker you will be able to effortlessly infuse your drinks with a natural smoky flavor. This new way of smoking is gentle enough for fruits, veggies, simple syrups, salts, ice and other garnishes, imparting a delicate flavor without changing the texture or temperature. Since all of the heat is contained in the smoking chamber, the smoke that is released is cool and gentle. A great way to infuse the spirit itself before using it as a component ingredient in a finished cocktail is by way of a sealed decanter. The smoky aromas emitted from this flavor infuser are perfect with bourbon, Bloody Mary’s and Manhattans. Customers or guests will love watching the swirling smoke and savoring the amazing results from this sleek portable infusion smoker. Add style and complexity to your favorite cocktails using authentic different wood smoking chips. Measures 1.5'' H x 1.5'' W x 9'' D

  • Easy smoking for full rich flavors
  • Battery Operated
  • State of the Art fan filter controls the heat
  • Measures 1.5'' H x 1.5'' W x 9'' D