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Pint Glass Cooler - Respect Craft


Perfect for craft beers that you wish to keep colder longer! Surely you have seen the popular bottle and can coolers all around, but now we are offering a new twist on the idea behind the can coolie. These pint glass cooler sleeves are a fantastic way to serve and consume your draft and craft brews.

Taking the idea up yet another level, we are offering these glass coolers with a variety of full-color, fun designs... including this clever "Respect Craft." You will love the utility and style that these pint glass coolers offer and will take it with you everywhere a great signature craft is served.

  • Pint glass cooler sleeve
  • Fits all standard pint glass sizes
  • Beveled sides for a snug fit
  • Keeps beer cold and hands warm
  • Full-color fun design
  • Made from high quality neoprene material