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Olea™ Gold Plated Long Garnish Tongs


The Olea™ Gold Plated Long Garnish Tongs are perfect for the professional bartender looking to elevate the presentation of craft cocktails by precisely plating delicate food or garnish items to their cocktail creations. Use them to pick olives, cherries, mint, coffee beans or anything being added as a garnish to signature libations.

The plating tongs are beautifully plated with a Gold finish and feature teeth and curved edges that provide a secure grip on even the smallest food or garnish. Made of a durable high quality grade stainless steel, these beautiful tongs can be used in a bar, restaurant, or the kitchen for everyday use.

  • Measure 12” long
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Stunning reflective Gold finish
  • Elegant tool for any type of professional bartender
  • All plated items are not dishwasher safe