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Olea™ Bar Set - Gunmetal Black - 4 Piece (Bar Spoon Tip Option)


Absolutely exquisite are the perfect words to describe this stunning Gunmetal Plated 4 piece Bar Set. A collection of many first editions of our line of Olea™ Elegant Bar Tools, this bar kit is every master mixologists and professional bartenders dream bartending kit. The high quality pieces are constructed from a durable stainless steel material and then beautifully plated with a reflective Gunmetal finish.

This bar set features a deluxe 3 piece cocktail shaker that measures 24 ounces and stands 9" tall when assembled, a julep strainer, a 1oz by 2oz tall Japanese style jigger and your choice of 40" bar spoon (trident tip, bent tip or weighted tip). Take your mixology skills to the next level with this gorgeous bar set, complete with all of the tools necessary to become master of your trade. Not Dishwasher Safe

Beyond comparable to other high end name brand bar tools, our Olea™ Elegant Bar Tool line will bring you the same quality and utility, but at a fraction on the cost.

  • 3pc shaker measures: 9" height x 2.25" base diameter with 24 ounce capacity
  • 1 x 2 ounce tall jigger measures: 4.75" height x 1.75" rim diameters
  • Julep strainer measures: 6.5"L w/ 3" x 3.5" julep head
  • 40"L bar spoon: your choice of trident, bent or weighted tips
  • Ideal for Craft Bartenders and Master Mixologist's
  • All plated items are not dishwasher safe

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