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Nuance Stainless Steel Bar Set

If you are looking for a beautiful bar tool set to add to your bar collection, then this elegant Stainless Steel Bar Set from Nuance might be just want you are looking for. This bar accessories set has been designed to professionally mix and create the perfect cocktail to serve to your guests. Whether you are a master mixologist, professional bartender, or home bar enthusiast this set is for you. The Nuance 4-piece bartending tools are made from high quality stainless steel and the set includes a Cocktail Strainer, Muddler, Bar Spoon, and Zester.
  • Made of high quality stainless steel
  • Set includes:
    • Bar Spoon: Designed for stirring and tasting drinks. Reaches the bottom of tall drinks glasses and cocktail shakers
    • Muddler (Pestle): Designed to provide a good grip. Increased friction and thus effective work, stainless steel and plastic
    • Strainer: Strains off pips, pulp, seed, and ice during pouring. The silicone strainer is extremely easy to clean.
    • Zester: Cuts elegant ribbons of peel from lemons, limes, and more.
  • Make a great gift for any bartender in your life