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Cold Brew Cartridges - 10 Pack


Cold Brew Cartridges for Nitro Cold Brew Aluminum Whipper which helps you achieve that added dimension necessary to make your beverage creations appeal to not only one’s taste, but to visual presentation as well. Prepare smooth and surprising cold brew beverages. Want to take some sweat cream and make it into a whipped topping?

  • Nitro Cold Brew Cartridges
  • 10 Pack

Raspberry Mousse:
- 200 ml raspberry coulis puree
- 2 gelatine leaves softened in cold water
- 300 ml whipping cream 35%
**Gently heat the raspberry coulis and melt the gelatine. Allow to cool slightly and add to the cold cream. Pour into dispenser and insert a charger. Shake then chill for half an hour before serving. After chilled shake and serve!