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Mustache Bar Set - 4 Pieces


Why don't you have one of these great bar sets already? This awesome 4 piece mustache bar set includes a 28oz weighted NEON shaker tin imprinted with a mustache, a 16oz weighted NEON shaker tin, a NEON 4-prong strainer, and a Dog Bone bottle opener imprinted with a mustache. So, get a set for yourself, and one to give to a friend before they're shaved off our shelves!

Summary of Highlights and Features
  • Fun and unique bar set
  • Get a great deal when you buy these items as a set
  • Mustache printed on Dog Bone bottle opener and 28oz shaker
  • 3 fun colors to choose from: Yellow, Green, or Pink
  • NEON set- looks great under a black light
  • 28oz weighted NEON shaker with mustache
  • 16oz weighted NEON shaker
  • NEON 4-prong cocktail strainer
  • NEON Dog Bone bottle opener with mustache