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MugHub® Bathroom Coaster

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Stop the lean, live the dream with these Mug Hub® Bathroom Coasters. You’ll no longer have to worry about placing your drink on the uneven flush valve in the bar, or restaurant restroom. Mug Hub® created the first-ever flat surface silicone bathroom coaster. It goes on top of a urinal or toilet where you can hygienically place your beverage, while you do your business. Eliminate your guest’s fears of leaving their cocktails behind on the table and make it so they no longer have to worry about having to do the “one-hander” when it’s time “to go”. These mug hub coasters are unisex and can go on any manual flush valve. Made of soft silicone, light-weight, and easy to install.

  • Made of soft silicone
  • Available in: Black, Red, Blue, Green, and Light orange
  • Can go on any manual flush valve
  • Dimension: 3-7/8” D (top surface), 2.25” H