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MixMaster™ 3 Tier Incremental Wooden Liquor Bottle Shelf Displays - Black



So you have decided to design your own cost-efficient custom liquor bottle shelf display. Well, you have come to the right place, as our MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves will allow you to do just that!


But before you get started, there are a few aspects you should take into consideration to ensure a successful completed project.

There are several designs you can accomplish with our MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves. The first thing you need to decide on is what design will appropriately fit in your space. Do you desire a basic straight build against a wall? With our many different straight shelf increments, you can create any length shelf within 3 inches.

Along with the straights, we offer Island End Cap, Outside Corner, and Inside Corner increments as well. With these components, you can custom build L-shaped shelves, Island Shelves, and all types of unique displays. This is where you can get really creative!

So, once you have decided on the design you like, the most important thing you must consider before getting started is the measurements of your space and the measurements of your shelf components. Length is not the only factor to consider! You must consider your depth and, keep in mind, the higher the tier or steps, the more depth you'll need allotted. Especially if you are doubling up outside corners and straights to create a double-sided island.

All of our shelf components are provided with exact measurements, and we suggest you draft out your design with these measurements before purchasing. Utilizing graph paper is a great way to do so.

NOTE: If you'd like to connect our MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves together, you'll need the correct hardware:
- All Straights require a two sets of Sex Bolts (HWD-LBS-KIT-01) to connect them together.
- For Corners and Island End Caps, you'll need two sets of Bolts & Washers (HWD-LBS-KIT-02).
- For covering the open bolt holes on the outsides of the shelves, we offer Cover Caps (HWD-LBS-KIT-03 for BLACK shelves, HWD-LBS-KIT-04 for NATURAL shelves).

No need to spend thousands on a carpenter to build your custom liquor shelf displays. With our MixMaster™ Incremental Shelves, we are bringing you an easy, cost-efficient way to create a beautifully custom liquor bottle shelf display to fit in any area!



3 Tier Shelf Dimensions
  • 9" Straight Shelves: 9" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 12" Straight Shelves: 12" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 15" Straight Shelves: 15" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 18" Straight Shelves: 18" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 21" Straight Shelves: 21" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 24" Straight Shelves: 24" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • 48" Straight Shelves: 48" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • Outside Corner Shelves: 12" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • Inside Corner Shelves: 12" W x 12" H x 12" D
  • Island End Cap Shelves: 24" W x 12" H x 12" D

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