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Mix Master™ 3 Piece Bar Set

Our signature Mix Master™ 3 Piece Bartending Set is just what the master mixologist ordered! Mix. Chill. Shake and Strain your way to the perfect cocktail! The 15 ounce printed glass features a handful of classic recipes showing ingredients as well as accurate measurements. After you mix your ingredients, simply dump it into the ice filled 28 ounce shaker tin and cap it with the mixing glass. Now comes the fun part… Shake! Once your creation is nice and frothy, remove the mixing glass from the shaker, place the 4 prong strainer on the rim of the shaker and strain your chilled cocktail into your glass of choice and garnish accordingly. There you have it… the perfect cocktail. Get yours today at this unbeatable package price.

The MixMaster™ 3 Piece Bartending Set
15 oz. Measured Mixing Glass - Classic Recipes 28 ounce Weighted Cocktail Shaker 4 Prong Cocktail Strainer
Featured Recipes:
      Long Island Iced Tea, Manhattan, Tom Collins, Whiskey Sour, Martini and Margarita.

Glass Dimensions:
      Capacity: 15 ounces

    Measures: 5.75" height x 3" top rim x 2.25" base
      Bartender preferred weighted base allows for more control. High quality stainless steel material is durable and build to last.

Shaker Dimensions:
    7" height x 3.5" top rim x 2.25" base
      Most preferred Cocktail Strainer used by all bartender types.

    The 4-prongs offer a secure grip on any shaker tin or mixing glass.

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