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Mister Leash™ - Retractable and Refillable Gold Sanitizer Atomizer - Golden Prism


If you have been looking for the perfect way to keep your hand sanitizer easily and immediately accessible for all situations, then you must check out the newest trend, The Mister Leash™!

These days hand sanitation has become an absolute necessity. Opening doors, pumping gas, handling money and pretty much everything you touch on a daily basis can be saturated with germs. With the Mister Leash™, you can clip in on your belt loop, purse, kids backpacks or anywhere you need to immediately access it. No more digging through your purse every time you need to sanitize and risking the chance of the sanitizer bottle opening up, ruining all of its contents. The retractable cord extends up to 30 inches in length while the mister spray atomizer is secure and protected in its designer gold plated capsule. The Mister Leash™ is also very lightweight, so you won’t even know it’s there! It maintains a consistent spray, dispersing the perfect amount of sanitizer in just one pump. Being easily refillable, you can fill it with your favorite hand sanitizers for the perfect on the go solution to your germ killing needs! Please note: actual liquid sanitizer is not included.

The Mister Leash™ is a fashionable alternative as well, being offered in several designs including this Golden Prism option.

- High tech atomizer ensures a consistent mist with every use, dispersing the perfect amount of sanitizer
- Lightweight, fashionable and high quality
- Gold plated capsule offers added protection from leakage
- Easily refillable with your favorite sanitizers (small funnel also included)
- Durable retractable cord reaches up to 30” in length
- Conveniently clips to belt loops, purse straps and back packs
- This refillable mister can also be used for other things such as perfume, mouth spray and even water to cool you down on a hot day.