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Miniature Plastic Martini Glasses - 2 oz - 2 Piece


The Miniature Plastic Martini Glasses are the perfect small size disposable to serve martinis or mixed drinks at your next event! The small 2 oz size is easy to hold for events where your guests will be standing or walking. The set is 2 pieces with a round bottom that keeps the plastic glassware sturdy to prevent spilling. The martini glasses can be used to serve classic martinis, mixed drinks or fun tropical cocktails. The plastic glasses are disposable for easy clean up but durable enough to serve drinks with large garnishes.

These miniature plastic martini glasses can be purchased by the sleeve (12 glasses) or by the case (120 glasses). We have a full line of plastic miniature glassware, perfect for your next special event.

NOTE: Hand wash only, Not dishwasher safe. 

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Disposable
  • 2 piece set
  • Holds 2 oz of food or drink
  • Great for special events or celebrations