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Measured Pourers - 2 Ball


These high quality Measured Pourers are the perfect way to control your alcohol inventory. These Measured Pourers are fitted with a Black Collar; for a top shelf appearance. They offer accurate pours by using a 2 ball technology that is built into the cork of the pourer. Take back your profits and stop your staff from over pouring drinks!

* Measured Pourers are designed to pour liquor only and will not pour accurately when pouring water, lemon juice, sugar-water, etc. Not recommended for cordials.

Note: Due mainly to viscosity differences in liquors, no measured pourer provides exact measurements. They are a tremendously reliable way to reduce over-pours and provide the consistency important to both bar owners and patrons.

Additional Information
  • All the pourers are red, and the pourer insert colors correlate with the sizes.
  • Available in 9 popular sizes
  • Comparable to Precision Pour, Posi-Pour, CO-Rect, American Metalcraft and other leading brands

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