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Mean Green Margarita® Salt

The world's first lemon-lime flavored salt that's GREEN! By using Mean Green Margarita® Salt in place of boring plain white salt, bar owners are adding big value to all margaritas. Make Em Pucker and Say WOW!
  • Sales of "Specialty Margaritas" are booming.
  • The Margarita is ordered more often than any other mixed drink in the world.
  • It combines the most popular color (Green), with the most popular new flavor (Lemon-Lime), into one "make'em pucker and say WOW" salt.
  • Adds BIG value to any margarita for just a few pennies.
  • No need for all the other space consuming colors or flavors when you have this Ultimate Combination.
  • A natural place to keep it. Sugar (which is rarely used) in the bottom tier is always getting contaminated by white salt in the middle tier. These two work well together. <