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Liquor Pourers - Spill Stop 285-60 Over-Sized Neck - Color Options

SKU 285-60

Ever wonder how to put a liquor pourer in your Cuervo 1800 Bottle with its over-sized neck? Well the Spill Stop 285-60 is the solution. This is a professional tapered speed pourer that is designed after the popular 285-50, except it has a larger diameter cork, therefore preventing any leakage that may occur with over sized neck bottles such as the Cuervo 1800 bottle, many European Vodka bottles and many 1.75 liter bottles.

**Please Note: While this pourer spout sometimes works in conjunction with Patron bottles, due to the hand blown design of a Patron bottle there are sometimes minor inconsistencies with its rim. We highly recommend using a large "cork" style pourer such as the Spill Stop Tapered Liquor Pourer w/ Cork Stopper with your Patron bottles.

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